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getmoz is a script that downloads and installs the latest version of Mozilla, while archiving the current install.

Since new versions of Mozilla are complied nightly, a newer version is almost always available in's latest directory. getmoz is a sh (Bourne Shell) script that was written to automate the downloading and installing of the latest Mozilla build while backing up the current build. This is all done without any user intervention, and should allow for more quality assurance of Mozilla, as well as providing an effortless way for end users to check out the latest versions of Mozilla.

As for the stability of the latest Mozilla builds, we recommend monitoring comments on, and contributing your own comments to, Mozilla based newsgroups or sites like Mozillazine and Mozilla News. If you think you have found a bug with Mozilla, you are encouraged to search for it in Bugzilla and then report it if you cannot find it. When reporting a bug, be sure to follow the guidelines spelled out on the Mozilla QA page titled Bug Writing Guidelines. And remember, to quote Eric S. Raymond, "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."


getmoz is released under the terms of the GNU public license version 2 or later. A copy of the license is provided with the getmoz download.


Phil Cryer
Eric Thibeault Jolin

03.15.2002 getmoz mentioned on Mozillazine

03.14.2002 getmoz 1.1 released

03.13.2002 site reworked

01.18.2002 getmoz site launches on Mozdev

01.16.2002 getmoz mentioned on Mozillazine

01.15.2002 mozget merges with getmoz and changes its name to reflect the merging of the two projects

01.11.2002 mozget is hosted on Mozdev, and the mozget site launches on Mozdev

01.01.2002 mozget 1.0 released

The getmoz project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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